Crazy Beliefs - Feast of Christ the King(Colossians 1.11-20) (audio)

Donald Trump and the post truth age.

Lost, found and won (Luke 15.1-10), Dean John (audio)

A coming of age story (Deuteronomy 30.15-20 and Luke 14.25-35) Revd Angela Lorrigan (audio)

Arbitrary and depressingly consistent. The Burkini -Luke 14.7-14 (audio)

Home for Christmas (Bishop John Noble)

Rethinking the Mustard Tree/Weed (Bishop John Noble)

Christmas is for the children (Dean John)

Walking where it is dangerous (Dean John)


Past sermons

Dean John

Easter in Ordinary (Dean John)

Christmas 2013 (Dean John)

Children and Vision (Dean John)

Christ the King 2013 (Dean John)

All Saints Club (Dean John)

Jesus the good CEO (Dean John)

For the bereaved (Dean John)

Lent 2 - Repentance (Dean John)

Alternatives (Dean John) 

Advent 4 - Joy in Church (Dean John)

Christ the King (Dean John)

Zombies vs Saints on the Feast of All Saints (Dean John)

The enigma of St Simon and St Jude (Dean John)

Stewardship (Dean John)

The Syrophoenician Woman (Dean John) 

It's a soap opera (Dean John) 

Seeing Clearly – Naming, Living, Behaving (Dean John)

Feast of Pentecost (Dean John)

Easter 4   John 10:11-18 (Dean John)

Easter 3   Luke 24:36b–48 (Dean John)

Greater Love John 15:9-17 (Dean John)


Judy McAdam

Jesus conundrum setter (Judy McAdam) 

St Michael and all angels (Judy McAdam)

An Advent  Journey (Judy McAdam)

Dedication Sunday, on being a Wizard (Judy McAdam)

St Michael and all angels Greater Love (Judy McAdam)

Feast of Mary Magdalene (Judy McAdam)


Rev. Gordon Lingard

What is this thing called love? (Rev Gordon)


Rev. Linda Osmond

David dances before the Lord (Rev Osmond)

Healing and raising from the dead (Rev Osmond)

Trinity Sunday (Rev Osmond)

Easter 5   1 John 4:7-21 (Rev Osmond)


Christine Kimpton

On our unique gifts (Christine Kimpton)


Rev. John Noble

Epiphany 7 (Rev. John Noble)

Australia Day 2014 (Rev. John Noble)


Jasmine Dow

Liturgy shaped Mission (Jasmine Dow, Education Officer, Anglican Board of Mission)