In January 2009 the Cathedral was closed for building safety reasons. The Cathedral congregation moved next door to the Cathedral Hall, where we worshipped for the next seven years. The experience reminded us that not only are we not just bricks and mortar, but that we can share our buildings with the community, and that we don’t always have to worship in traditional ways.

The interior of the Cathedral is now fully restored, and was officially re-opened for worship in 2016. The central feature of the new work is an octagonal dais, which can be raised to various heights, or flattened to floor level, enabling diverse community groups to also share the Cathedral with us for a wide range of functions and Church services.

The interior is now one large, lofty and open space, with comfortable and flexible seating, an enviable audio-visual system with sound-desk, and effective heating. With new LED lighting, the glorious ceiling can now be appreciated much as envisioned by the original architect, R.A. Love.

To see the Cathedral restoration project finished, we need to fund exterior work to the bell tower and Cathedral forecourt. This work will not only enable full bell ringing to re-commence, but will also give equal access to all via a new ramp to the front West doors.

The new predella can be made into a level floor when needed.

For video of the restoration and for the history of the closure please follow this link. Video and story courtesy of Leigh Sharp, Bendigo Advertisor - Hidden Bendigo St Paul's

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