In January 2009 the Cathedral building was closed for safety reasons. The congregation of the church of St Paul's continues to worship in the hall beside the cathedral. The experience reminds us that the church is more than bricks and mortar. 

Over the past six years great efforts have been made towards reopening the Cathedral building. Plans have been drawn up and bit by bit work has been taking place.


The restored Cathedral will incorporate a number of features proposed by the original architect of the building, Robert A. Love. Notably, the floor will be a much larger continuous area without the stepped levels, which were a later addition. This will improve the flexibility of the space for events including Sunday worship and enable us to comply with current occupational health and safety standards.

A modern innovation at the centre of the Cathedral is an octagonal dais (predella). This dais will enable the floor to either be flat for some functions, or to rise from the floor level on hydraulic jacks to make a platform for the altar or concerts.

Towards the west end of the Church there will be a new Narthex Screen which will incorporate the best features of the two screens previously in the building (The MacCullagh Chapel screen and the original narthex screen). This new screen will be a little further into the Cathedral than the previous screen, so providing a larger space for gatherings at the west end. The new narthex will also feature a kitchenette which will be accommodated in a cupboard of similar design to the screen. The advantage of this arrangement will be the ability to cater for functions within the Cathedral, including refreshments between the Sunday morning services.

The new predella can be made into a level floor when needed.

The new floor is stunning; the walls are the next big job

The flooring will consist of red carpet and natural wood. The seating inside the Cathedral will be a combination of pews and seats with the seats being nearer the altar and the pews being in the nave. 

To see each project properly funded, we have set ourselves a target of raising AU$150,000  

Now is the time to help further with the Open the Doors project, if you can do so. 


For video of the restoration and for the history of the closure please follow this link. Video and story courtesy of Leigh Sharp, Bendigo Advertisor - Hidden Bendigo St Paul's


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