A wedding at St Paul's costs $600, including a $50 booking fee. This includes the cost of the minister, the bells, the organist, the verger, the flowers (except in the weeks before Easter), pew decorations and a marriage preparation course.

You need firstly to contact the parish office and check that the date and time is available. It is a legal requirement that you have filled in the Notice of Intended Marriage between 1 and 18 months before the wedding date. We usually do this with you at the first interview, when we also show you your wedding kit, and get you started on the Marriage Preparation course.

If you come to St Paul's you will have an Anglican service with one of our ministers. The service runs for about 30 minutes and we leave 90 minutes between weddings.

The Marriage Preparation course consists of two or three private interviews with you and one of our ministers or other assistants trained in how to use the course. It offers ways to grow and strengthen your relationship as a couple. Some areas that can be covered are communication, finances, leisure, conflict resolution and family of origin.


For further information contact the Parish Office:
03 5443 5061